Even a single penny serves its purpose 

 Want to change the world? Even the smallest steps matter as they can change someone’s life for the better. Join in our mission to provide nourishment, education, and health services to families in need. 

 Delivering Better Nutrition 
Our nutrition programs include nutritional recovery for malnourished children, investment in the construction of feeding centers, addiction recovery and much more. We provide free food to struggling families and give shelter to those in need. We have constructed over  feeding centers across the country and 3 addiction recovery centers in addition. 

Health & Well Being Programs 
Everyone deserves to get high-quality health services. This is what we believe in and work for. With the help of our partners and local government, we have contributed to the rehabilitation of 10 medical centers and constructed 2 medical clinics. Thanks to our partners, we also distribute much-needed medicine and supplies to the medical centers and people with disabilities. 

      Fighting the Poverty
 We believe that education is the strongest weapon against poverty. This is why we have special programs with pupils and students for low-income families to pay for quality education and get a chance to change the lives of their own and their families. We have already helped over 1000 students to get study at higher educational centers and assisted them further in finding career opportunities.